SPECIAL! Pay What You Can..

challenge starts in...

SPECIAL! Pay What You Can..

challenge starts in...

Unleash Your Potential in 2024!

Transform Your Relationships, Ignite Joy & Reignite Your Dreams with Proven Success Strategies!

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Supercharge your own power and create a life beyone your wildest dreams!

Starts Monday, January 15th

Supercharge your own power and create a life beyone your wildest dreams!

Starts Monday, January 15th

Challenge yourself to make time for YOU, there is no better day than today to get started!

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Make time for what you love, improve your relationships,

& connect to your heart

Make time for what you love, improve your relationships, & connect to your heart

A fun way to escape the merry-go-round of half-starts and pit-stops in your progress to experience the joy inspired by your Jeep in all aspects of your life.

Slow and steady consistency is the secret sauce.

Why you should join the A$$ Kicking Challenge...

I hear you...

You're tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted by your daily life. You want more calmness, focus, courage, excitement and happiness in your life.

You've started & stopped then started & stopped and you lose motivation, get stuck, and feel defeated. You start to wonder "why can't I do this?".

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Just Imagine...

keeping the promises you make to yourself

having clarity of what you want to accomplish with your life & Jeep goals

having a plan & support to help you achieve your wildest dreams

improving your confidence & skills as a way of living- a way of being - that you will love yourself for

following through because you have accountability

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While You...

learn new mindsets, habits, exercises and create your very own "personal build plan" to live your best life for YOU

gain the skills and awareness to create healthy relationships in all aspects of your life

connect more deeply to yourself

stretch yourself to do more

kick fear and doubt to the curb

create unshakable confidence in yourself

set yourself up for a 2024 you will never forget!

Get ready to amaze yourself at what you can accomplish in 8 weeks!

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keeping a "perfect" schedule

waiting to have all your obstacles & "stuff" figured out

wondering what you need to work on to make progress

feeling you are alone

regretting another year of not spending as much time as possible doing what you love

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Here's how it works...

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The A$$ Kicking Challenge is much more than just a challenge, here's what you need to know...

Here's why you don't want to miss it! There is power in accountability, community, & consistency to inspire you to keep going + you will have ideas & a program to follow anytime you feel stuck.

With a new lesson every morning, this program in a nutshell inspires you to practice & perfect your personal fundamentals, and create confident mindset shifts.

We are all on our own journeys, focusing on the same outcome= progress & consistency in our lives and driving towards our dreams.

Support, Accountability & Community:

Let's do this together!

We'll have a private Facebook group where you can post your wins, your progress, pictures, videos, challenges, or questions.

How it works:

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the "A$$ Kicking Challenge Group" and has all the details, inside.

The start of the Challenge is Monday, January 15th! On day one, we jump on LIVE together in our Private Community.

Day One you also recieve your digital challenge package and workbook as well as your login to the A$$ Kicking Challenge Portal that houses all the lessons, tracking and more in one place just for you.

Every morning you will have the lesson for the day delivered directly to your Email Inbox. The lesson is also shared into the private community every morning.

Here's what you get...

A Guided 8 Week Plan To Follow ($177 value)

A Heathly Heaping of Accountability

A Community of Ladyjeepers (Cheerleaders) Who Believe In You (priceless)

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"Ass Kicking Challenge Manual" to guide you through every week and lesson - E-book version ($19.00)

"Ass Kicking Challenge Workbook" that leads you through tracking and organizing every step of this challenge - E-book Version ($6.00)

"Rediscovering You" Journal to lead you through deeper self discovery - E-book Version ($8.00)

An incredible dose of the motivation

to get you into action

to do not only what you want to do...


deep down in your soul what you NEED to do for yourself.

(the magic of this is how life starts to transform in all areas- as you get consistent in yourself.) (also priceless)

That's a $210 Value

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I know, I hear you, you are busy,

but if not now, when?

There will never be a more perfect time than today- to follow your dreams.

(remember it only takes 20 minutes a day)

Meet your coach...

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Hello, I'm Kristin

I want to help you grab the wheel and drive your life.

After 20+ years as a professional sports coach I created a life coaching program incorporating experiential facilitation skills, personal growth & development, the transformation of the Jeep and years of coaching experience into one powerful program.

I have had the honor of coaching women all over the country

... and you know what! I am just going to be bold and say it,
(if you were waiting for someone to say it)...

I give you permission to take time for yourself, dig deep & find your best self, do what you love, and get out there to chase adventures!

I can't wait to support you in your personal drive for the next 8 weeks, and chase your dreams.

Your #1 Fan,


You might be wondering, "what's the catch"?

It seems too good to be true, right? A product valued at $210 for only what you want to pay. But rest assured, there's no catch.

This Challenge is in honor...

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As so many of our community at Ladyjeepers.com knows, my amazing daughter was in a car accident over the summer. She had her last surgery December 20th and is now at the last stretch of the road to recovery. This A$$ Kicking Challenge and journey is in her honor.

It is in honor of the strenth to overcome and push through hard challenges.

To allow everyone the opportunity to Kick some A$$ and push through the challenges, I dedicated this to my amazing daughter and did PAY WHAT YOU WISH.

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A$$ Kicking Challenge Bundle


Get the A$$ KICKING BUNDLE delivered right to your door! You get;
* The A$$ Kicking Challenge Manual
* The A$$ Kicking Challenge Workbook
* The Rediscovering You Journal 


* FREE Shipping ($11 value)
* Access to the A$$ Kicking Challenge Course for the entire year.

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